The New Gig Economy … Death of the Employee! How are Contract Workers Taking Over?

Pursue Your Career in the Dental Field



The New Gig Economy … Death of the Employee! How are Contract Workers Taking Over?

 July 23, 2019

     The employment marketplace is changing fast. The collaborative and outsourced work environments are the preferred jobs of today’s workers. The reality is that according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics the 45+ year old worker stays at a job an average of 10 years, while the millennial employee spends 3. Job hopping has quickly become the norm. Furthermore, millennials will opt for lower pay if that means they have job flexibility.


      Uber is the biggest marketplace sensation in this environment. This rideshare platform allows drivers to connect with consumers and fills a need for both as the consumer saves money versus traditional taxi services and the drivers work on their own schedule and earn some extra cash. Uber has more than 160,000 independent workers.


      This change can be a win-win for both the doctors and the professionals. If the doctors embrace this new reality in the dental field they too can create the flexibility and the schedule they want for their lives. Be more patient centric, have your office open on flexible hours … take one day a week and work 9-12 and then have a long break then work 3-7. This may seem radical, but think about it, a schedule like this may be of benefit to BOTH your staff and your patients (we will discuss this more later)? For Professionals this type of a work environment allows for them to take control of their career, to set their schedule that works for them and their lifestyle. It allows for a large portion of experienced professionals who have left the dental industry to come back and work when and where they want to work.


      OrthoDent Staffing Solutions has embraced this new workforce reality and has provided a marketplace for doctors and professionals to connect in new ways. Join for free today and find out more about how to build your career today and to find the dream team you have always been looking for.



Pursue Your Career in the Dental Field

June 30, 2019

     According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics 2018 data the Dental and Dental assisting fields are expected to grow between 18% and 24% over the next 10 years, far exceeding the growth of most jobs today. Not only does the dental field provide stable and flexible jobs for today's workers, it also provides typically a very good level of pay. The latest 2018 data regarding earnings can be found here.


     This provides a great opportunity to become trained in a growing field that also provides excellent pay and benefits. Below is a list of public and private training and educational resources for careers in the Dental and Orthodontic fields. These resources are listed below for your reference only and are not endorsed or preferred by OrthoDent Staffing. Many of these schools offer accreditations for their programs and offer training opportunities during evenings and weekends, typically in under 1 year.


     You can find out more about how to pursue a career in the dental field at